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A while ago I decided to look for a job abroad so after watching few tutorials and done some research, I realized that I had to improve my public profiles including Linkedin and make it more attractive. A Linkedin Bio is an important thing to have because it makes your profile more attractive and allows you to convince recruiters on why they should consider you for a job, and an other very important aspect about it is it helps you to optimize your profile for Linkedin search algorithm so recruiters and clients can find you easily.

So I had to write a Linkedin bio which I thought would be an easy task, but soon I realized how stressful that was and it actually took so much time and effort to write an attractive one than I thought, and finally I wasn’t satisfied with the result and ended up copying and tweaking one that I stole from a similar profile on Linkedin.

That’s when I had this idea of building a tool that allow people to generate a well written Linkedin Biographies that are well optimized for Linkedin search algorithm and attractive to recruiters and clients without all this stress, and waste of time! The idea is simple, users whether they are a Freelancer or Full stack developer or entrepreneur or dentist etc …,  they chose the type of a Biography they want and based on that the tool provides a set of questions that the user must answer. After answering all the questions and submitting them, the tool generates a Summary ( Biography ) they can use for their Linkedin profiles.

Although I wouldn’t recommend to copy and past the generated Bio directly, because the tool is still on Beta and the answers doesn’t always fit the generated Linkedin Summary so some light corrections and tweaking are necessary.

PS: I want to inform my users that I don’t save or use any of their data in anyway, and the only way for me to earn a living is through Ads or donations.

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